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  • Autonoetic consciousness — is the human ability to mentally place ourselves in the past, in the future, or in counterfactual situations, and to analyze our own thoughts. Our sense of self affects our behavior, in the present, past and future. It relates to how we reflect… …   Wikipedia

  • Declarative memory — (sometimes referred to as explicit memory) is one of two types of long term human memory. It refers to memories which can be consciously recalled such as facts and knowledge.[1] Its counterpart is known as non declarative or Procedural memory,… …   Wikipedia

  • Chronesthesia — Chronesthesia, or mental time travel, is a mental ability first hypothesized by Endel Tulving in the 80 s. This refers to the ability to be aware of one s past or future. While many may describe it as uniquely human, others now argue that this… …   Wikipedia

  • Memoria declarativa — La memoria declarativa (en ocasiones, y de una forma más general, conocida como memoria explícita) es uno de los dos tipos de memoria a largo plazo en los seres humanos. Hace referencia a todos aquellos recuerdos que pueden ser evocados de forma… …   Wikipedia Español

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